Ways To Respond To People Who Question That You're In Therapy

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Ways To Respond To People Who Question That You're In Therapy

Ways To Respond To People Who Question That You're In Therapy

17 October 2017
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Those who regularly attend therapy sessions know just how valuable this practice can be in their lives. However, there are still some people who may not appreciate all that therapy can offer. Even though the fact that you go to therapy is a private matter, it may occasionally come up in conversation — and, unfortunately, there's a chance that someone may question why you go or what value these sessions may have. Although you should never feel as though you need to defend the fact that you're in therapy, here are some ways that you can consider responding.

Talk About Therapy's Value

A quick retort when someone questions you for going to therapy is to address a few ways that this practice has been valuable in your life. Detractors might see therapy sessions as simply an opportunity to complain about people or situations, but you already know that this isn't the case. Tell the person how therapy has greatly improved your marriage, your ability to connect with your teenagers, or even your success at work. Explain how issues that kept you stuck for years have recently been easy to work through, thanks to the advice of your therapist.

Explain That Getting Help Isn't A Sign Of Weakness

Some people believe that it's noble to figure out problems on your own, and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. As someone who has found success through therapy, you're in a perfect position to explain that you've found the opposite. Rather, by going through therapy, you've felt strong, rather than weak, because you know that your therapist has your back. Additionally, your family members and close friends may even be more supportive because they know that you're doing what you can to help yourself.

Stress That You Want To Get The Most Out Of Life

Many people struggle with issues that can bother them for years and even for decades. For example, someone who didn't have the best childhood may still be resenting his or her parents, even if the parents have passed away due to old age and the person is approaching 50 years of age. Such a situation is sad, because the person who resents his or her parents is carrying this heavy burden. Don't be afraid to share that therapy is helping you to get the most out of life by working through challenges, dealing with difficult situations with greater ease, and, in general, feeling happier.

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