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Difficult But Important Steps To Take When A Loved One Has A Gambling Addiction

28 November 2017
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While many people can gamble occasionally as a hobby, others can seek deep into gambling and struggle with a serious addiction that can be just as debilitating as drug addiction. If you're the loved one of a gambling addict, your world can be turned upside down as you try to get the person into a treatment center that specializes in gambling addiction. Should your loved one not accept help and continue to gamble, you'll need to make several important but difficult decisions, including whether you'll remain with the person.
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Ways To Respond To People Who Question That You’re In Therapy

17 October 2017
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Those who regularly attend therapy sessions know just how valuable this practice can be in their lives. However, there are still some people who may not appreciate all that therapy can offer. Even though the fact that you go to therapy is a private matter, it may occasionally come up in conversation — and, unfortunately, there's a chance that someone may question why you go or what value these sessions may have.
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Clues That Can Indicate You Have A Codependent Relationship

10 September 2017
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Codependency is an issue that many couples experience, and it's one that can last years and decades. This type of situation, in which one person allows his or her behavior to be influenced by the other person, can be problematic. The person who is more codependent may feel parented, while the other partner may be annoyed with his or her spouse's apparent inability to act or think independently. If you're in therapy and codependency comes up, you might initially deny it.
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Times When You May Need Mental Health Services

27 July 2017
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It is important to always remember that there may come a time in your life, or several times, when you need to reach out to a mental health service to help get you through a rough spot in life. There is no shame in that and it may just be what helps get you through a bad situation quicker and without as many long-lasing negative side effects. Take a moment to review the following examples of times in which you may want to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional.
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Forty And Feeling Like A Failure? There’s Help For That

25 June 2017
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Most people, by the time they hit forty, expect to have accomplished a lot with their lives. If you hit the mid-life speed bump, and somehow feel like you are never going to get over it, there is help. Emotionally speaking, you can see a counselor. As for your career, there is a career coach. Here is how a career coach can help you feel like a success, rather than a failure.
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