Your Questions Answered About Heroin Addiction

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Your Questions Answered About Heroin Addiction

Your Questions Answered About Heroin Addiction

12 July 2019
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Do you feel proud each time your that your loved one who is addicted to heroin makes an attempt to overcome the habit? If you are ready for him or her to finally finally overcome the addiction on a long-term basis, encouraging that he or she seeks professional treatment is a great place to start. The withdrawal symptoms that are accompanied by not taking heroin are often what leads to an addict not being successful with overcoming the addiction. The professionals at addiction centers for heroin addicts are able to help your loved one each step of the way, and even administer drugs that can be very helpful. Reading through the content below is a great way to learn more about a heroin addiction and how professionals are able to treat it.

What Are Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms?

Heroin withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the person experiencing them. The reason why is because the severity of the symptoms can be mild if someone hasn't been using the drug for a long time. For instance, mild symptoms might be as simple as feeling nauseated or having a runny nose that doesn't seem to go away. For a long-time user of heroin, an addict may find that it is difficult to sleep, and will usually feel strong cravings for the drug that are unbearable to cope with. Cravings for the drug can lead to depression in many cases.

How Can Withdrawal Symptoms Be Controlled?

Treating heroin withdrawal symptoms is often done via the administration of opioids that can create a similar effect during the detox process. The drug's purpose is to allow the addict to achieve his or her fix in a mild manner in an effort to prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring. The opioids are usually professionally administered until the addict is able to overcome his or her cravings. Methadone is one of the opioids that is commonly used to treat heroin withdrawal symptoms. The reason why is because methadone can remain in the body for numerous hours and euphoria doesn't happen as quickly as with heroin.

Will Mental Health Be Treated During Recovery?

Mental health will be a priority during the process of your loved one getting treated for the heroin addiction. The goal will be to tackle what is going on mentally that led to the addiction developing in the first place. Basically, there are counselors at the detox heroin treatment centers that will work with your loved one on a regular basis to treat any mental health problems of concern that he or she has.

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