Concerned About How You're Dealing With COVID-19? It Might Be Time To See A Therapist

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Concerned About How You're Dealing With COVID-19? It Might Be Time To See A Therapist

Concerned About How You're Dealing With COVID-19? It Might Be Time To See A Therapist

17 November 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat to peoples' health in multiple ways. While your primary worry might be getting sick with the virus, you need to also be aware that living in this difficult time could affect your mental health. People often see signs that their mental health isn't quite where they want it to be, and you may be acutely aware of these issues since the pandemic began. Seeking an adult therapist can be a good way to work on these issues and attain better mental health. Many therapists can help you over video sessions, which can be a safe way to seek help during this time. If you're dealing with COVID-19 in these ways, therapy might be the right choice.

Obsessively Following Data

It's certainly important to be aware of how the infection numbers are looking in your area, but there can be a point at which this information is detrimental. For example, you might feel an obsessive need to follow the information—perhaps by logging into local news and health organizations' websites dozens of times a day. This behavior may be going past the point of being informed, and you may find that you're increasingly stressed about what you're reading, or anxious when you don't have access to this information. Your therapist can help you to curb this behavior, which you may find leads to an immediate improvement in how you feel.

Feeling Hopeless About The Future

For many people, the challenges of the pandemic have created feelings of hopelessness about the future. You might feel that things will never return to "normal," and this can understandably be detrimental to your mental health. While your therapist can't predict the future, they can certainly help you in the present by offering coping mechanisms during these uncertain times. For example, your therapist can offer specific strategies for constructively dealing with your feelings and perhaps making subtle changes to certain behaviors that exacerbate those feelings.

Arguing With Others

People across the country have differing viewpoints on several topics that relate to the pandemic. You may even find that within your circle of friends, there are several points of view. It's possible that you're devoting a lot of time to arguing with these individuals—something that is problematic at the best of times, but that may seriously hinder your relationships when you're both already stressed and more liable to make hurtful comments. Your therapist can either show you ways to discuss controversial topics amicably or help you to see that there might be little value in arguing over this information.

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