Do You Qualify For Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment?

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Do You Qualify For Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment?

Do You Qualify For Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment?

21 June 2022
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There are a few main forms of drug and alcohol addiction treatments: inpatient care, where the patient lives in a treatment center in a controlled environment for a set period of time; and outpatient care, where the patient can live at home and come to a clinic for treatment on a set schedule. Both treatment types can be highly beneficial and bring a lot of success to someone who is willing to get clean and cooperates, but not all treatments are the same and work best for everyone.

Many people prefer to go into inpatient treatment care to receive assistance for their drug and other addictions. The supervised settings and constant access to resources are comforting to some. For others, it's more stifling and can actually take a drug addict away from their original goal of getting clean in the first place. If you feel that outpatient care will be best for you, your counselor and treatment therapist can help confirm this choice or help you understand how outpatient drug addiction treatment works so you can make more informed decisions.

Here, you'll learn some information to help you determine if outpatient drug addiction treatment is ultimately right for you.

You have been to treatment before

If you have been to an inpatient treatment center before for drug addiction and failed to succeed, then outpatient drug addiction treatment may give you a new perspective on treatment programs. With outpatient treatment, you still get access to counseling, therapy, group sessions, activities, and coping skills for living without addiction, but you also get to stay at home where you can feel more comfortable. If you are not considered at high risk for overdose or danger, then an outpatient treatment service may work well for you.

You have a job or other responsibilities

Inpatient drug treatment often works best for patients with little to lose and no responsibilities, although those who have jobs and families can go to an inpatient treatment center if they desire. You may choose to do an outpatient drug addiction treatment if you have a job, children, are a community figure, or have probation or other responsibilities you have to take care of, going to an inpatient center may interfere with these things.

In the end, what matters is that you tackle your drug addiction and do your best to stay clean, regardless of how you go about it. However, outpatient treatment services may be what works best for you.

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