Why You Need A Psychiatric Evaluation Before Going Into Rehab?

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Why You Need A Psychiatric Evaluation Before Going Into Rehab?

Why You Need A Psychiatric Evaluation Before Going Into Rehab?

3 January 2023
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A rehabilitation program can help you thrive in whole new ways. Whatever your struggle is, be it an eating disorder, mood condition, drug or alcohol addiction, or other treatment need, your efforts to get into a rehabilitation program and better your life are brave and life-changing.

Your counselor or intake psychologist will want to do a psychiatric evaluation before putting you into treatment. This sounds more daunting than it really is, and it's more so just to get a feel of what you really need beyond what you're going to treatment for.

Here are reasons why you need a psychiatric evaluation before you go into rehab.

To determine what other needs you have

In the event of addiction especially, when you have a mental health condition that goes unchecked, it's hard to treat what you're actively going into rehab for. Most reasons for rehab involve some underlying condition, and a psychiatric evaluation will help determine which one may apply to you. For example, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health conditions can show up as red flags in a psychiatric assessment. They will be treated concurrently with whatever else you are getting treated for in rehabilitation.

To determine your ultimate personality underneath your rehab needs

Your intake evaluation will include a psychiatric assessment because your personality needs to be known in order to help match you with the right counselor and treatment specialist. You will also be assessed to determine which rehabilitation approach will be best for you. Whether you choose inpatient or outpatient care, your psychiatric evaluation will help the specialists design the best treatment plan for you.

To determine how severe your needs are

Finally, a big reason for doing a psychiatric assessment as you go into rehab is to determine how severe your condition and needs are. This is especially important if you have a waitlist for the treatment program you're getting into or if you are being referred to a rehabilitation center from a hospital or from an imprisonment facility. Your intake assessment will determine the priority of your treatment case to see if you can get into a rehabilitation treatment center right away or if your situation can wait until the right opening has come up.

Your psychiatric evaluation will determine what treatment center is best for your rehabilitation as well. You see, getting an evaluation is essential to your overall health and benefits you in many ways, so don't skip this important step in your rehabilitative needs. 

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